Upon entering the town of Gonzales you drive by fields and then a large fence. Some youth and young adults decided to paint a large, colorful welcome mural.

How the fence used to look
Inspecting the fence and imaging the art
Some minor graffiti
Arriving with paints
Painting a blue background
Reaching the top with ease
Jose sketches out the first letter “B”
Jose taught all of us how to use spray paints
Someone tags “bien”
The guys love art, they show up at sunrise to get started
Paul is responsible for the letter “N”
Applying a fill
Stepping back to look at the “I” and the “D”
We are heading into the fall season
After a couple of weekends it looks like thise
The icon Gonzales water tower
Jayro helps to fill in colors
Always eager to paint and to be outside
Juan, up and coming young artist
In honor of the local middle school, the Fairview Middle Warriors
The neighboring field is asparagus
Almost finished
What youth can accomplish with some encouragement and accompaniment
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