Gateways are systems that wirelessly collect information from sensors and upload that data to the Internet for easy access. Gateways are usually installed at farms and have a wireless range of about 1 to 3 miles. But if a gateway were to be installed on top of a hill or mountain its range can be improved to 5 to 10 miles. With permission from a partner we were able to install a gateway unit on one of the peaks of the Santa Lucia range in Monterey County that faces the Salinas Valley. If the experiment is success, this single gateway could collect information from farms ranging from Salinas to King City.

Stopping to admire the view, half way up the mountain
Found a nice spot with good line-of-sight visibility, this is where we will try out the gateway install.
Using a soil auger to dig down. The soil is packed, dry, and hard.
The hole is almost deep enough.
Attaching the antenna unit
Attaching a solar panel and securing the antenna cable using zip ties
Ready to collect data! We will provide an update of the results in the future.
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