We use different types of sensors in the farm projects. Some sensors are large and some are quite small. One particular soil sensor has a diameter of about 1 inch and we were installing it with a soil auger that digs an 8 inch hole. So we developed our own custom installation tool and we called it the Pinocchio. We tried this out for the first time at a Vineyard outside of the town of Soledad.

The requirement for the sensor installs is to dig a hole that is 1 inch in diameter and with depths of up to 6 feet. The Pinocchio was designed to achieve this with the least amount of disturbance to the soil and plant roots
Dalilah tried out the new tool a few times
With little effort she was able to reach a depth of 3 feet. We would try an actual install on a future day.
Back with a sensor to be installed at a depth of 4 feet.
In a few minutes its almost done
Preparing the sensor probe for installation
Once the sensor is in the ground the wireless unit is attached
Securing the wireless unit with zip ties
The installation is done

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