Across the street from Cesar Chavez Middle School is a long fence. Youth from the middle and high schools felt it would be nice to add some color to the fence as a service project.

A long brown fence… Very common in certain neighborhoods
Up close it doesn’t look great
Each day a few hundred kids walk by this fence on the way home from school.
The fence is taped off into sections. Each team of youth can take a section and draw what they think is beautiful and uplifting.
Covering the brown fence with colorful backgrounds. Each section can have a unique color.
Iris and friends take a break.
Color emerges on Hammer Drive
Children and youth of all ages help out
Pizza: a must for lunch
Guys chilling for a bit
A special mural goes on the end of the fence
Paul and Jasmine
Taking a picture of the photographer
Coming along…
Cool concept
Josie had some of her face painted
Lili filling up paint cups
Fresa man!
Two new painters help out
Friends visit
Alex a.k.a Yo Yo
Pretty good for a couple of hours of work!
Jason keeps Godzilla going while his team takes a break
Different styles, all colorful and nice
Walking by the new fence
Splash painting
Making sense of the splatters
Drawing outlines
Taking a break
End of a long day
Strawberry dude a good fit for Watsonville
The quote in the back reads: “So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth”
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