In the town of Chualar, local youth work together with youth from the nearby town of Gonzales to paint murals over graffiti to add color and beauty to the neighborhood.

Graffiti courtesy of our friendly neighborhood tagger
These fences could look nicer with some color.
Painting a background and cleaning up the graffiti.
A white background on this side.
Each youth has their own section of the fence.
They get to draw their own ideas.
Paul backs up his truck to help kids reach higher up.
The project would not have been possible without Paul and his awesome blue truck.
Blue makes a great background that stands out.
Painting letters now.
Less paint in my hair is a good thing…
A second layer of blue and we’ll be ready for the pictures.
Lupita is great with the details.
Getting some more black paint.
One day Noel will be the one driving the truck.
Taking a break.
Working on their sketches that will eventually be drawn and painted on the fence.
This part of the mural is almost done.
Great work so far.
Happy and all smiles.
A positive message by happy kids.
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