The Junior Youth Empowerment Program in Gilroy placed an emphasis on equipping young people with capabilities that enable them to improve their communities. In this weekend service project, children and youth from the El Cerrito neighborhood planted flowers in front of their apartment complex. The idea was to enhance the beauty of their neighborhood.

The El Cerrito neighborhood in Gilroy
This is what it looked like before. Soon it will look much nicer.
Rounding up the children and youth.
Studying something about soil and plants before they start.
The older kids pose for a picture before starting
Cleaning up the trash
Clearing out rocks and trash
Pulled out a giant weed
Nothing wrong with getting your hands dirty on a project like this
Most big trash is gone, now pulling out small weeds
The activity attracts more neighborhood kids who want to help
Time to till the soil
While the kids work, a neighborhood churro stand goes up. Good snacks to eat!
Younger kids want to see what the big kids are doing
Looking much better, putting a string fence around the garden
Everyone can make some contribution, however minor
View from the stairs
Getting out the rocks and big chunks of soil
One of the moms comes out to help
At the end of day one it already looks much better
Day 2, planting flowers
More flowers
A request…
Nice flowers
Digging small holes for tiny seeds
Sunflower seeds
Putting the sign in
Nearing the end of the project
Happy friends
This is the finished garden.

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