The Blue Oak Ranch Preserve north of Springville is the site for a number of future projects, including a project to study the habits of the western pond turtle. Last summer (August 2022) a team of students from Poplar installed a cellular gateway on a hill overlooking a large pond where the turtles live. The gateway wirelessly collects data from sensors and uploads this information to the Internet where researchers can view it using an app.

Huron students are planning to upgrade the hardware and software contained in the gateway.

First step is to unload the truck. Genesis is the team mentor, she is an 8th grader. The rest of the youth are in the 6th grade.
The youth have divided up the materials and are ready to begin the hike up the mountain.
It’s a nice walk and there are opportunities to stop and enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings.
Almost there.
The new antenna unit is bolted to the top of the pole.
Close-up shot of the antenna.
The pole is raised and will eventually be secured to another pole buried in the ground.
A job well done.